Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life and eating for it!

When it hasn't been bitter cold, the wind has been blowing so hard that it's basically been really unpleasant to be outside. It's given me lots of time to research health through nutrition and how to get the most out of food in respect to meeting nutritional needs.

Today my copy of "Nourishing Traditions" arrived via UPS. This is going to be great! Raw, fermented, cultured, dehydrated, maintaining as many nutrients as possible.

Lately the major dairy I consume is my homemade yogurt. I add frozen berries and that's all. Oatmeal, honey or brown sugar and yogurt were my mainstay breakfast. I still like oatmeal, but have turned it into a mid morning snack with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a sprinkle of sucanat. There's no need for dairy when you use coconut oil. It adds a bit of tropic to a homey comfort food for these cold blustery days. The probiotics, anti oxidants, fiber and medium chain fat make for a nice combo of health in nutrition. There is still some commercial and processed to my foods, but my fats come from coconut, almond, avocado, olive oil and olives, butter, eggs, fresh meats and fish. I try to get them as fresh and locally as possible (kinda tough for some things, so those are the organic choices that various sources mentioned in Food Renegade and Nourished Kitchen, Natural News.

I have learned how to stay away from sugars, particularly fructose. Sucanat in small amounts goes a long way. Its "dark" flavor gives it a rich taste so less is better. I miss honey, I will admit. For now I am staying away from it. High in fructose.

When it gets warmer I want to make kefir and kombucha. Right now I need to start on sprouts. They will give us our fresh greens in a healthier form. Organic broccoli is still available, shipped, but available. Root vegetables and squash are still a good bet too. Dried fruits for now in small portions (fructose is a little high) since the fiber and mineral content is great!

Off to see what is available in sprouting supplies!