Monday, June 25, 2012

Garden 2012 progress.

The broccoli bolted again on the earlier crop and is trying to bolt for the later crop. I kept them in the containers too long. They should have been in the sq fts the first of May. Peas should have been in then too.

Starting broccoli, romanesco and raab in the furnace room to plant out in August. Ordering the fabric cover from Amazon. These will go where the peas and bush lake green beans are now.

The fava beans are coming up. I will put in the yellow wax beans in the back of 8 x 3 A today. 

The brandywines are getting staked and tied to keep them supported. The manitobas have flowered again. There is probably too much phosphate in the soil right now. The leaves are really red on the marigolds and the tomatoes. It could be from not enough water too. 

The grandtoddlers are pouring gallons of water onto the bull's blood and early start beets. I hope they make it! 

The cuke and sunflowers are going in 4 x 4 A today also. 

Everything had a late start, but we have had a wet cool June which has helped some things to get going. 

The rain has kept me from fertilizing like it needs. That happens today too.