Saturday, April 16, 2011

The seedlings get a transplant and new tomatoes start!

The little growing environment downstairs is working really well! I have at least 5 of everything I planted! I planted Holy Basil, Thai Basil, Large-leaf Italian Basil, Roma Tomatoes, different colors of Eggplant, Pickle Cukes, Carnival Sweet Peppers, and Green Globe Broccoli. This whole group is ready for peat pots and the seedling trays need to be refilled.

I am going to need a couple more (at least!) light fixtures. Now the debate begins between LED or more T5's. Hmmmm... The LED are a great long term investment, but so are the T5 fixtures. More light area can be achieved with the T5 I believe, but I have to explore further to know for sure.

Tonight I am head downstairs to mix up the potting blend and get the peat pots filled and watered. Tomorrow the seedlings get transferred and the new seeds get a start. I am planting some slicing cukes (3), the Tomato Fest order (Stupice, Azoychka, Black Cherry, Dr. Carolyn, Lime Green Salad, Glacier, Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian) and some more peppers.

I cannot find cauliflower seeds anywhere, so Janet gets my business for that plant. I know now when to pick it and not expect huge heads like the over fertilized, over chemically treated ones at the local grab your money grocery. I will be so pleased not to have to put any more money there for produce this summer!

We looked at some Suncast Tomato Tower Garden Stations today. If I had one it would be a salsa garden. If I had two, the other would be an Italian garden and if I had three, ahhhh a Thai garden. That would be wonderful! Maybe get a couple this year and a couple more next year!

The raised garden beds haven't been built yet. We ended up owing taxes! Yikes! Had to put that on hold this pay period! We will get the beds started next weekend. Should have priced the boards! Absolutely have to have two ready the upcoming end of April rooting moon! I want to try the mixed greens and spinach in the tomato bed. The broccoli can get a good start in its bed, and will set in some rosemary, sage and mint along with the purple carrots and some radishes.

I need to dig out my Square Foot Gardening books. That will give me ideas of when to plant and what to plant with it. It guides you through the whole process. The sun warmed water worked great for ground plantings too and my garden thrived!

Now there is life growing in my basement!