Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have been drinking a bit of milk kefir since Sunday. On Monday I didn't have milk, so JD got me a half gallon of not organic 2%. The separation stopped. It had little ferment bubbles on the sides of the jar, but no separation so added a little sucanat to the milk on Tuesday night so liven things up. When I strained and rinsed the grains Wednesday night they had gotten huge! Well, at least 3 times as big as when I started. They are getting plumper and fluffier. I used organic whole milk on them last night. Hopefully they will continue to plump. Still no separation (had massive separation of curd and whey from Sat through Monday. )

I may be trying to rush things, so may just feed grains and use a little for sipping. The dogs love it on their food. They know the power of the probiotics and yeast I am sure. The taste has gone from sour milk with yeast to more of a sour taste, so I may be getting somewhere with it.

When I watched the videos that Michael Patterson puts up, the batch that got started last night is still in the "too slow-not enough" category. I had the "just right" on Sat and Sun. I think the change of milk was the culprit. It was separating because of being too warm on top of the fridge. I think I prefer the not enough form!

My yogurt this week was a total fail. I didn't have enough milk. There have been times in the past when I added instant milk and water that the yogurt yoged nicely. This was not one of those times. I didn't heat the milk to 140 like I usually do and the culture may have gotten old. Not to worry, have more milk and a fresh cup of Mountain High. Tonight yogurt success is on the agenda.

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